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Dr Daniela Ciancio

Daniela Ciancio
Daniela Ciancio

Phone: +61 8 6488 3892

Research Expertise:
  • Rammed earth structures
  • Fiber reinforced shotcrete
  • Round Determinate Panel (RDP) test
  • Zero-thickness interface elements
  • Structural characterisation through experimental and numerical analysis
  • Finite element methods
  • Numerical simulation of cracks in quasi-brittle materials


Structural Concrete Design
Statics and Solid Mechanics
Design of Structural Systems

Industrial Relevance

Research partners for rammed earth project: Ramtec, Praject Planning and Management (W.A.), Scott Smalley Partnership


MCEng PhD Catania


IACM, international association for computational mechanics
USACM, United States Association for Computational Mechanics
CIA, concrete institute of Australia

Funding Received

2009 UWA research grant
2011 ARC Linkage project LP110100251

Future Research

Use of recently patented non-destructive testing method to monitor strength gain in early age shotcrete;
Mini Round Determinate Panel Test;
Sequentially linear analysis (SLA) applied to zero-thickness interface elements.


April 2001, "Laurea" in Civil Engineering, University of Catania, Italy
April 2005, PhD in Structural Engineering, University of Catania, Italy
January 2006-October 2007 Post-Doctotal fellow at the Technical University of Calonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain
Since November 2007, Assistant Professor of the School of Civil and Resource Engineering of UWA

ID: 155907

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