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Professor Cheryl Praeger

Cheryl Praeger
Cheryl Praeger

Phone: +61 8 6488 3344

Research Expertise:
  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Algorithms for groups
  • Geometry
  • Group theory


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Data Analysis Australia, Director since 1989


BSc Qld, MSc Qld & Oxf., DPhil Oxf., DSc W.Aust., Hon.DSc Prince of Songkla, Hon.DHC Libre de Bruxelles, AMusA

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Continuous funding from the ARC since the 1990s.

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Various Editorial positions:


Professor Cheryl Praeger is Professor of Mathematics. She is a Former Australian Research Council Federation Fellow and former Director of the Centre for Mathematics of Symmetry and Computation. She is also Foreign Secretary of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor Praeger received BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Queensland, a DPhil from the University of Oxford in 1973, and has received honorary doctorates from the Prince of Songkla University (Thailand, 1993), the Universite Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium, 2005), Yazd University (Iran, 2015), and the University of St Andrews (Scotland, 2015). Her research has focussed on the theory of group actions and their applications in Algebraic Graph Theory and to Combinatorial Designs; and algorithms for group computation including questions in statistical group theory and algorithmic complexity.

Prior to appointment at The University of Western Australia she held a Research Fellowship at the Australian National University and taught for a semester at the University of Virginia. She has taught in the Mathematics and Statistics program at UWA and was Head of the Department of Mathematics 1992-1994, inaugural Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies 1996-1998, Chair Promotions and Tenure Committee 2000-2004, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Computing and Mathematics 2003-2006, and ARC Professorial Fellow 2007.

Professor Praeger is a member of the Order of Australia, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. She was Executive Committee member of the International Mathematical Union (2007-14), Vice President of the International Commission for Mathematical Instruction (2012-16), member of the Australian Research Council College of Experts (2011-2013), President of the Australian Mathematical Society (1992094), Chair of the Australian Council of Heads of Mathematical Sciences (2008-10). She is currently (foundation) board member of the Australian Mathematics Trust, Chair of the Australian Mathematics Olympiad Committee. She was 2009 Western Australian Scientist of the Year, and was the 2015 Inductee into the Western Australian Science Hall of Fame.

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