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Dr Bryan Boruff

Bryan Boruff
Bryan Boruff

Phone: +61 8 6488 2700

Research Expertise:
  • Geographic information systems
  • Remote sensing
  • Environmental geography
  • Environmental management
  • Natural hazards
  • Population health
  • Renewable energy


GEOG3301 Advanced GIS and REmote Sensing
ENVT4411 Geographic Information System Applications
ENVT5504 GIS for the Built Environment


BA MA Flor.At., PhD S.Carolina

Funding Received

- Cooperative Research Centre for Honey Bee Products (CRC-HBP) $684,500(AUD); co-investigators Boruff, B., Callow, N., Mouat, C., Pauli, N., Biggs, E., and Setterfield, S. Understanding the environmental drivers of flora distribution, honey bee product production, and hive management in Western Australian Bee Industry. 2017-2022.
- Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) $1,600,000(AUD); co-investigators Biggs, E., Bruce, E., Boruff, B., Wales, N., Duncan, J., Thu, P.M., Elder, M., Neef, A. Climate-smart landscapes for promoting sustainability of Pacific Island agricultural systems 2017-2021.
- Horticulture Innovation Australia (HIA) $147,771(AUD); co-investigators Amati, M., Phelan, K., Kaspar, J., Fairman, T., Boruff, B., Saunders, A., and Caccetta, P. Where should all the trees go? Investigating the impact of tree canopy cover on socioeconomic status and wellbeing in LGA’s. 2016-2017.
- Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway) $74,019(AUD); co-investigators Christian, H., Rosenberg, M., Lester, L., Trapp, G., Maitland, C., Thornton, A., Schipperijn, J., Trost, S., and Boruff, B. Effectiveness of Childcare centre programs and environmental upgrades to increase young children's physical activity. 2017-2018.
- Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) $249,486(AUD); co-investigators Biggs, E., Bruce, E., Boruff, B., and Wales, N. Environmental livelihood security for climate-smart landscapes; a preliminary investigation for informing agricultural policy in the South Pacific. 2016-2017.
- WA Department of Regional Development $168,981(AUD); co-investigators Flatau, P., Boruff, B., Wood, L., and Zaretzky, K. Data analysis and business intelligence. 2016.
- National Environmental Science Program (NESP) $1,776,582(AUD); co-investigators Hobbs, R., Boruff, B., and Heyworth, J. Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub. 2015-2021.
- PACE-Net Plus Seed-funding €9994(Euro); co-investigators Bruce, E., van Ogtrop, F., Biggs, E., Price, H., Wales, N., Weber, E., Neef, A., and Boruff, B. The Role of Geospatial Information for Assessing Environmental Livelihood Security in the South Pacific. 2015-2016.
UWA Research Collaboration Award $16,000(AUD); co-investigators Pauli, N., Boruff, B., Horsley, J., Neef, A., and McNeill., K. Risk, resilience and recovery: A participatory approach to integrating local and scientific knowledge for disaster preparedness of communities in flood-prone catchments in Fiji. 2016.
- Telethon Kids Institute $9998(AUD); co-investigators Christian, H., Wheeler, A., Trapp, G., Callan, A., Boruff, B., Heyworth, J., Larcombe, A., Pereira, G., Zhang, B., Franklin, P., and Eikelboom, R. Exposure to Green Space: Impacts on Youth Health. 2015-2016.
- Asia Pacific Network $130,000(USD): co-investigators Neef, A., Limalevu, L., Weber, E., Touch, S., Sok, V., van Ogtrop, F., Bruce, E., Duce, S., Boruff, B.J., Horsley, J., Pauli, N., Biggs, E.M., Duncan, J.M.A., and McNeill, K. Climate Change Adaptation in Post-Disaster Recovery Processes: Flood-Affected Communities in Cambodia and Fiji. 2015-2017.
- Grains Research and Development Corporation $1,999,604(AUD); co-investigators Crimp, S., Biddulph, B., Leske, B., Flower, K., Jones, H., Chapman, S., Zheng, B., Callow, N., Boruff, B., Kokic, P., Jin, W., Hayman, P., Faulkner, M., Faulkner, D., Rebbeck, M., Nidumolu, U., Gobbett, D., Gallant, J., Barlow, K., O’Leary, G., and McLean, T. Spatial temperature measurement and mapping tools to assist growers, advisors and extension specialists manage frost risk at farm scale. 2016-2019.
- Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway) $359,634(AUD): co-investigators Christian, H., Rosenberg, M., Zubrick, S., Trost, S., Schipperijn, J., Maitland, C., Trapp, G., associate investigators Boruff, B., Powell, J. Supportive childcare environments for physical activity in the early years. 2015-2017.
- The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre $640,535(AUD): co-investigators Giles-Corti. B., Turrell, G., Bull, F., Boruff, B., Pettit, C., Bauman, A., Redman, S. (systems investigators Collett, J., Hurni, A., Miller, J., Thackway, S.). Reconnecting urban planning with health: The development and validation of national liveability indicators associated with chronic disease risk factors and health outcomes. 2014-2016.
- World Universities Network $25,200(AUD): co-investigators Biggs, E., Boruff, B., Bruce, E. A spatial framework for assessing environmental livelihood security. 2014.
- City of Canning $42,240(AUD): co-investigators Lanfear, D., Bull, F., Hooper, P. and Boruff, B. Preparation of Public Open Space Strategy. 2014.
University of Western Australia $3,000(AUD): co-investigators Boruff, B., Abbott, L., Leopold, M., and - Blache, D. Assessing new innovations in geospatial data capture and access to enhance the use of UWA’s Future Farm in teaching and research. 2014.
- National Health and Medical Research Council, Centre of Research Excellence $2,499,061(AUD): chief investigators Giles-Corti, B., Turrell, G., Bull, F., Whitzman, C., Washington, S., Sugiyama, T., Shiell, A., Veerman., J., Knuiman., M. and Kavanagh, A; associate investigators Barnett, A., Boruff., B., Eagleson, S., Lamb, K., Tonts, M. What cost-effective built environment interventions would create healthy, liveable and equitable communities in Australia? 2013-2017.
- Grains Research and Development Corporation $44,000(AUD); co-investigators Flower, K., Boruff, B., and Nansen, C. Proof of concept – remote sensing of frost-induced stress in wheat paddock. 2013-2014.
- Australian National Data Service $250,000(AUD); co-investigators Bull, F., Boruff, B., Wood, L., and Hooper, P. POSITVE PLACES: spatial analysis of public open space. 2012.
- Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network $299,919(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Boruff, B., Bull, F., Whitzman, C., and Butterworth., I. Development and trial of an automated open source walkability tool. 2012-2013.
- Iraq Partnership Facility AusAID and Coffey International Development Pty Ltd $591,644.90(AUD); chief investigator Boruff, B. GIS and Remote Sensing for Agricultural Applications. 2011.
- Centre for Research into Energy for Sustainable Transport $132,097(AUD); co-investigators Borowitzka, M., Boruff, B.J., Moheimani, N., and Clifton, J. Identification of the optimum sites for industrial-scale microalgae biofuel production in WA using a GIS model. 2011-2012.
- Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway), $323,668(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Saarloos, D., Knuiman, M., Boruff, B.J., Zubrick, S., Wood, L. Long-term follow-up of Liveable Neighbourhoods: research into practice. The built environment & health - associations across the life course. 2010-2012.
- Western Australian Health Promotion Foundation (Healthway), $750,000(AUD); co-investigators Giles-Corti, B., Knuiman, M., Boruff, B.J., Bull, F., Wood, L., Hickling, S., Christian, H., and Shilton, T. The impact of neighbourhoods and other settings on physical activity and other health outcomes: A longitudinal study. 2010-2014.
- Wheatbelt Regional Development Scheme, $28,466(AUD); co-investigators Clifton, J., Boruff, B., and Tonts M. Site Options for Concentrated Solar Power Generation in the Wheatbelt. 2008.
- University of Western Australia Research Grants Scheme, $13,000(AUD); chief investigator Boruff, B. Temporal economic implications of environmental hazards in Western Australia communities: examining socio-economic indicators for recovery modeling. 2007.
- Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, $41,500(AUD); co-investigators Tonts, M., Clifton, J., and Boruff B. An analysis of the marine industries of the North West marine region. 2007.
- Australian Department of Environment and Water Resources, $28,992(AUD); co-investigators Tonts, M. Clifton, J., Boruff, B., and Elrick, C. A Socio-economic Overview in the North-west Marine Region. 2007.
- University of South Carolina Coastal Resiliency Information Systems Initiative for the
Southeast, $25,000(USD); co-investigators Cutter, S.L., Mitchell, J.T., and Boruff, B.J. Predicted vs. observed social vulnerability of coastal residents: hurricane Katrina impacts in Mississippi and Alabama. 2005.
- National Geographic Society. $26,493(USD); co-investigators Boruff, B.J., and Cutter, S.L. Measuring the social and biophysical vulnerability of small island nations. 2003-2004.


1. I am a Geographer and Senior Lecturer in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment at The University of Western Australia (UWA). My expertise lie in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing technologies to the study of environmental hazards. Early work focused on the methodological development of risk and vulnerability assessment techniques. Over the past decade, my research interests have expanded to encompass a range of environmental management issues including agricultural and renewable energy production, population health, sustainable livelihoods, urban and regional development, and development of spatially enabled eResearch tools.

Roles, responsibilities and expertise

Course Coordinator, Masters of Geographic Information Science

Previous Positions

- Lecturer, University of Western Australia, 2007- 2015.
- National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Associate, Pacific Disaster Center, 2006-2007.
- Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of South Carolina, 2005.

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