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Dr Britta Bienen

Britta Bienen
Britta Bienen

Phone: +61 8 6488 4246

Research Expertise:
  • Offshore geotechnics
  • Centrifuge modelling
  • Numerical modelling
  • Soil–structure–fluid interaction
  • Development of foundation–soil interaction models
  • Offshore foundations under combined loading
  • Consolidation effects
  • Mobile jack-up platforms and their spudcan foundations
  • Foundations for offshore wind energy installations
  • Subsea foundation analysis and design


I have taught the jack-up sections of CIVL3170 'Introduction to Offshore Engineering' and CIVL4122 'Offshore Geomechanics'.

Industrial Relevance

My research investigates various aspects of offshore geotechnical engineering, including large deformation problems, consolidation and cyclic loading. These relate to applications such as jack-up drilling rigs and offshore wind farms.


BEng Napier, DipIng Aachen, PhD W.Aust.

Current Projects

Current projects include:

• Effect of installation on subsequent response of offshore foundations under lateral loading

• Behaviour of suction buckets in layered soils

• Combined VHM foundation capacity in layered soils or following consolidation

New and Noteworthy

Just published:

Ragni, R., Bienen, B., Wang, D., Mašín, D., Cassidy, M.J. (2017). Numerical modelling of the effects of consolidation on the undrained spudcan capacity under combined loading in silty clay. Computers and Geotechnics, Vol. 86, pp. 33-51,

Funding Received

M.J. Cassidy, B. Bienen, S. Draper, J. Li, S. Chow, 2016-2018, LRF Chair and Centre of Excellence for Offshore Foundations, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, Funds approved: $968,760.

Britta Bienen, Mark Cassidy, 2014-2016, 'Behaviour of suction buckets in layered soils', Lloyd's Register, Aberdeen, UK, Funds approved: $95,550.

Britta Bienen (UWA); Sascha Henke, Tim Pucker (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), 2012, 'Unlocking the Mechanisms Governing Foundation Penetration into Carbonate Sand', UWA Research Collaboration Award, Funds approved: $10,000.

Britta Bienen, 2011, 'Centrifuge Modelling of Pile Installation', Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, Funds approved: $93,690

Britta Bienen, 2011, 'Centrifuge modelling of pile foundations under cyclic lateral loading from varying directions', Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, Funds approved: $40,000.

Britta Bienen (ARC APD), Mark Cassidy, 2011-2014, 'Predicting the foundation performance of offshore jack-up drilling rigs in intermediate soils'. ARC Discovery Project, Funds approved: $330,000.

Britta Bienen, 2010, 'A load capacity model for the foundations of mobile offshore platforms on clay relevant to the offshore industry', UWA Research Development Award, Funds Approved: $29,355.00.

Britta Bienen, Mark Randolph, David White (UWA); Jürgen Grabe, Jan Dührkop (Hamburg University of Technology, Germany), 2009, 'The use of winged piles to optimise the foundations for offshore energy production', Group of Eight DAAD German Research Cooperation, Funds Approved: $5,500.00 plus Euro 6,800.

Christophe Gaudin, Mark Cassidy, Britta Bienen (UWA); Okky Purwana, Matthew Quah (Keppel Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore), 2009-2012, 'A novel foundation to extend the operation of mobile structures into deeper water', ARC Linkage Project, Funds Approved: $175,000.00.


Britta’s research activities span offshore geotechnical engineering applications from shallow to deep water and relate to both the oil and gas and the renewable energy industries. Britta joined the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems (COFS) in 2008, was appointed Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) Assistant (now Associate) Professor in 2010 and has been an Australian Research Council (ARC) Postdoctoral Fellow since 2011. Britta undertook her PhD research (Three-dimensional physical and numerical modelling of jack-up structures on sand) at COFS and was awarded the degrees of ‘Diplom-Ingenieur’ from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and Bachelor of Engineering from Napier University, Edinburgh, UK.
Britta was part of the InSafeJIP project team that developed the international guideline ‘Improved guidelines for the prediction of geotechnical performance of spudcan foundations during installation and removal of jack-up units’. She has been a member of the International Standards Organisation (ISO) committee since 2009.

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