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Dr Brad Zhang

Brad Zhang
Brad Zhang

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Associate Professor (Research) Guicheng Zhang (PhD, MD) is a full time academic in the School of Paediatrics and Child Health (SPACH) at the University of Western Australia. He has established and continues to run a growing gene by environment interaction research group. He is also a group leader in the Division of Cell Biology at Telethon Institute for Child Health research (TICHR). Since 2011, he has been a Senior Statistical Advisor in Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.

Funding Received

BrightSpark Fellowship
G Zhang
Gene and environment interactions and epigenetics on asthma and allergies in infants
2012-2014 354,950

New Independent Researcher Infrastructure Support (NIRIS) Awards
G Zhang
2010/1011 10,000

Asthma Foundation of Western Australia
P LeSouëf, G Zhang, I Laing, J Goldblatt, S-K Khoo
The role of epigenetics in the global prevalence of asthma-East/West pilot study
2011 23,000

NHMRC project grant
G Zhang (Sole CI)
The interaction of LPS pathway genes with pre-natal and early exposure to LPS and allergens predicts atopy at age one
2009-2012 369,250

NHMRC Training Fellowship
G Zhang
A study on interactions between indoor exposure and genetic polymorphisms in asthma
using established cohorts
2007-2010 280,750

UWA Research Development Awards
G Zhang (Sole CI)
Investigating the confounding effects of population admixture on gene by environment interactions with asthmatic phenotypes in Karelians
2010 15,000

Asthma Foundation of Western Australia
P Stumbles, P Franklin, G Zhang
The effect of prenatal exposure to house dust mite in combination with nitrogen dioxide emitted from unflued-gas appliances on immune responses at birth
2008 38,450

UWA small grant
G Zhang (Sole CI)
Resolving gene-environment interactions in allergic disease: investigating the effects of ten key asthma/atopy-related genes in Finnish and Russian Karelians
2008 14,882


PhD Curtin

ID: 152051

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  • European Respiratory Journal

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  • Clinical and Vaccine Immunology

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  • Tissue Antigens: immune response genetics

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    Scopus rating (2015): CiteScore 1.14 SJR 0.748 SNIP 0.621

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