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Dr Asghar Asgari Tokaldani

Asghar Asgari Tokaldani
Asghar Asgari Tokaldani
Research Expertise:
  • Optical and electrical properties of semiconductors and microcrystals
  • Modeling of micro and nano opto-electronic devices


Quantum Mechanic; Semiconductor Physics; Nano-Physics, Photo-Detectors, Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices, Low-Dimentional semiconductors

Current Projects

• A fundamental study of electronic transport in advanced semiconductor nanostructures

Previous Positions

Research Associate
Currently: Vice-chancellor for Research and Technology, the University of Tabriz,Tabriz, Iran


Australian Nanotechnology network;
Iranian Nanotechnology Society;
Iranian Physics Society;
American Physics Society

Future Research

Nano-electronic and Optoelectronics Devices


Asghar Asgari is borne in Iran at 1973. He got his BSc and MSc in Solid State Physics and Electronics from University of Tabriz, Iran. He got his PhD under Prof. M. Kalafi from University of Tabriz and Prof. L. Faraone from University of Western Australia, supervisions. In 2002 he joined Microelectronics Research Group in the University of Western Australia as research associate. In 2004, he started his work in Photonics group at the University of Tabriz in Iran. Currently he is Professor in Photonics Group at University of Tabriz and also Adjunct Professor in Microelectronics Research group at the University of Western Australia.

ID: 107605

Most frequent journals
  • Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures

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