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Dr Alka Sabharwal

Alka Sabharwal
Alka Sabharwal


Alka Sabharwal earned her Bachelor’s (1991), Master’s (1994) and M.Phil (1996) degrees in Social Anthropology at the University of Delhi, and received a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology from the University of Western Australia in 2015. Her doctoral research employed a cultural politics framework to draw attention to complex cultural dynamics embodied within contestations surrounding conservation issues in the border region between India and China, which have generally remained unattended in the traditional political ecological approach. She has been involved in multifaceted anthropological and ethnographic research for many years in the socio political contexts of development and environmental conservation in the Asian subcontinent. Her research interests are centered around the study of state, the bureaucracy, and the politics of conservation with a special geographic interest in India and the Himalayan region.


Anthropology and Sociology

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